Meet the Mediator


Beryl Darling LSC acc., RSW, MBPsS, BA, BSc, MSc.

I would like to introduce myself to you.Beryl-Darling-MediatorI am a very experienced and highly qualified mediator. My interest in mediation began when I worked with Cafcass in the family courts. My experience of the family courts led me to explore mediation as a more constructive way of managing family arrangements and settling financial disputes.

Since becoming accredited by the Family Mediator Association and Legal Services Commission in 1999, I have worked for several organisations as a mediator and as a consultant. I now manage my own mediation service in North East London.

With my experience I can mediate the most difficult, complex and high conflict cases.

I mediate international cases, where parents live in different countries, using telephone and skype, with successful results.

I am also a Professional Practice Consultant to other qualified mediators and to trainees.

I am currently a member of the Family Mediation Council Standards Board for England & Wales.

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